Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rainy Morning and List Making

Wonderful rain plays in the background as I sit on my porch with a note pad and pen, making my To Do, To Bring, To Remember Lists. Yay! That means I'm getting to business - did I say I can be a procrastinator? Or I like the, "I work well under pressure!" line better! More forward thinking.

 I tried to put my seat on yesterday evening, but got stuck on the last thing to do - remove two brackets off the stock seat to reuse on the new seat. Well those suckers will not come off for me! I've tried tapping and brute strength but my tools are poo-poo [standard bike issued] and the bolts seem cheap too. I have to take her in to the shop anyway - I'll ask them to help with it. Darn it! I was hoping to do it all myself, but I guess sometimes you have got to ask for a little help. Thank goodness I am surrounded by so many wonderful, and helpful people.

The rain is due to let up before I leave for Garry Griffith Cycle in Chattanooga for an oil change, rear tire, general overall good look see at things and help removing the two bolts and getting the Mustang seat on. I may see if I can get some foot rests/pegs too. The neon pink duct tape isn't working too well.

FACES Rally - This weekend! I'm excited to attend this rally! I've been working with some of the great people there via email, phone, Facebook and I'm looking forward to meeting them in person. The group of folks that put together this rally - work their booties off!!! If you're up for a road trip come check it out! facesrally.org
They have free camping in the park and they about shut the town down for a big party to help kids and adults with craniofacial differences. It's going to be a lot of fun! I'm sure I'll be coming home with some cool ideas to use in the 2013 FACES Ride 4 Smiles!

To Do - To Do!
Later ~

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